Responsible Business Conduct

Companies, investors and public authorities are concerned with the issue of responsible business conduct – also referred to as sustainability or corporate social responsibility.

The driving force is the desire to be in line with one’s own corporate values. The upcoming tsunami of regulations is also forcing companies to address the issue. Finally, stakeholders – such as employees, investors and other financiers – are placing increasing pressure on companies to do the right thing.

We support you in positioning yourself securely in this dynamic environment, in particular, by

  • analysing the body of regulations that apply to your company
  • setting up and standardising internal structures
  • assisting in setting up the right organisation and implementing the necessary processes using and taking into account existing compliance measures
  • planning and carrying out materiality analyses

Human rights

Companies of all sizes and from all sectors must provide clarity about the impact of their own business activities on human rights. This applies regardless of whether the increasing legal regulations are applied directly or indirectly.

This requires a rethink and a change of perspective within the organisation. In contrast to the usual compliance risk analysis, the focus here is on the impact of corporate actions on the individual rights holder.

We support you in this regard, in particular, with

  • implementing or optimising processes for the entrepreneurial observance of human rights in your own value and supply chain
  • anchoring respect for human rights in your company
  • carrying out an impact analysis
  • the development of your company’s human rights policy
  • carrying out human rights due diligence

ESG Investigation

The intensified focus on ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues also brings internal investigations of ESG aspects into focus (so-called ESG investigation). ESG aspects include, for example, issues in the supply chain (human rights, corruption, working conditions), discrimination in or by business operations or greenwashing.

ESG investigations bring specific challenges that differ from compliance-related internal investigations. We support you in particular with:

  • determining the appropriate benchmark (mandatory law, voluntary regulations, industry standards, external pronouncements and internal rules) against which ESG aspects are measured.
  • the planning, organisation and implementation of the ESG investigation
  • the selection of experts required for the ESG investigation
  • determining the scope of the ESG investigation
  • the communication planning in connection with the ESG Investigation
  • the measures to be taken in response to the results of the ESG Investigation

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