What we offer

Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance

We support your organisation in ensuring that your managers and employees act with integrity through good corporate governance and up-to-date corporate compliance. Together with you, we create the appropriate structures, processes and communication for effective and long-term prevention of compliance violations. For more information please click here.

Project and Interim Management in Compliance

We take over the management of specific time restricted compliance projects for organisations. We also provide support in the event of temporary vacancies in a corresponding compliance function. For more information please click here.

Internal Investigations

We investigate indications of compliance violations and discriminatory behaviour in the workplace (including sexual harassment). We act discreetly, confidentially and independently. We also support you in setting up or expanding internal structures and processes for dealing with compliance violations within your organisation. For more information please click here.

Acting as Ombudsperson

We relieve and support your organisation as an independent ombudsperson. In this way, we contribute an important part to your whistleblower system. For more information please click here.

What we do not offer

We do not give advice to individuals who are involved in a compliance breach or a case of discrimination.
(We give advice exclusively to organisations.)

We do not beat about the bush.
(We speak openly.)

We do not accept mandates where we have a conflict of interests
(We work independently.)

We do not disclose our mandates or clients.
(We comply with our duty of confidentiality.)

We do not help to brush a compliance breach or case of discrimination under the carpet.
(We scrupulously follow ethical principles.)

We do not provide free advice to solvent clients.
(We provide our advice at fair prices.)

We do not conduct litigation.
(We provide for amicable solutions acceptable to both parties.)

«We drive your organisation based on our international expertise.»