We live compliance

We believe firmly that honourable commercial conduct is essential to long-term success. That’s why we specialise in advising on corporate governance, corporate compliance and internal investigations.


We are experienced – in giving advice as well as in our specialist fields. We acquired our practical knowledge in leading national and international law firms and in large industrial corporations.


A long term relationship with our clients, built on trust, is key to us. Therefore, we attach importance to a fee arrangement that reflects the benefit we contribute to your business. We start by coming to a transparent, clearly-worded agreement with you regarding the scope of our advice, our fees and the billing method in an understandable and precise language. We provide detailed, comprehensive reports of the advice we give you.

No filter

We transfer our experience unfiltered: you are always in direct contact with our experienced specialists. This ensures we can give you practical support withno roundabout approaches and no additional costs. We call a spade a spade and talk openly – even when the truth hurts. Anything else we deem inefficient.


We honour the trust our clients put in us, e.g., when identifying, disclosing and addressing business risks. Equally, we handle internal investigations with the necessary discretion. This is why you will not find any lists of clients or mandates on our website.

Fit for purpose

Our advice fits SMEs just as well as large corporations, public organisations and non-profit organisations (foundations). In the end, all anyone wants is uncomplicated, intelligible and practical advice. We speak a clear and direct language, irrespective of whether we’re talking to the chairman of the board, the management, a senior staff member or simply the responsible person. We give you pragmatic, no-frills advice.


Unnecessary costs do not fit the image of an honourable, successful entrepreneur. Our size ensures we are automatically efficiently structured. We also make sure to carry out our mandates appropriately – which has a positive effect on your costs.


On a digital level we work with the most modern technology and at a professional level. We provide for “state of the art” conference technology based on different systems (Teams, Skype, etc.). This allows us to conduct our consultations and trainings completely or partially virtually, if required. In addition, we have current and practical experience in conducting purely virtual internal investigations with virtual interviews.

«Very efficient, gets to the point and is extremely committed and pleasant to work with.»