What we offer

We give you the big picture
Corporate Governance describes the system of checks and balances by which a corporate, a governmental organisation or a non-profit organisation (foundation) is led and supervised. Good corporate governance moderates a careful balance between the interests of the different stakeholders such as owners, management, regulators, customers, service providers, financers, employees, authorities and the public.

We establish a sustainable compliance culture
Compliance is an important element of good corporate governance. Compliance means observing regulations. These include statutory law, court rulings, internal policies, corporate values, standards and best practice. Compliance management systems (CMSs) safeguard compliance in an organisation and facilitate a sustainable compliance culture. An efficient CMS also aids early identification of regulatory breaches and therefore helps with prevention. New regulations and recent court rulings consider an effective CMS a positive asset and take it into account, along with cooperation with the authorities, when determining a fine.

We provide advice ranging from the big picture to the fine detail
We specialise in advising SMEs and large corporates as well as governmental organisations and non-profit organisations (foundations) on implementing and developing corporate governance and corporate compliance. Drawing on more than 20 years of relevant experience, we ensure that your organisation has effective corporate governance and a suitable compliance management system. If compliance breaches occur, we conduct the internal investigation – focused and confidential.

How you benefit

  • Protection of your reputation
  • Security and stability
  • Competitive advantage
  • Economic behaviour driven by values
  • Securing reliability and integrity
  • Transparency for stakeholders
  • Highly specialised and experienced advisers

Additional Information (in German)

  • Bestandteile einer guten Corporate Governance
  • Wesentliche Elemente einer CMS

«Effective compliance means your clients and staff can be confident they are working with an upright and fair organization.»