Whistleblowing system      

Whistleblowing systems are an essential part of an effective compliance management system. They are the most effective means for companies, organisations and authorities to detect compliance violations at an early stage. Furthermore, whistleblowing systems have a preventive effect. We support you in all phases of your whistleblowing system with our practical expertise. To do this

  • we determine the most efficient and effective reporting system for your organisation
  • we support you in implementing these reporting channels into your existing structures and processes
  • we monitor the implementation phase and train your responsible employees
  • we work with you to develop trust-building and effective communication on your whistleblowing system
  • we relieve your organisation of the initial assessment and plausibility check of reports as required
  • we ensure that your organisation meets the legal and judicial requirements for whistleblowing systems

This enables your organisation to

  • effective prevention of compliance violations
  • efficient early detection of compliance violations
  • the possibility of orderly and discreet internal investigations
  • promote integrity among your employees
  • the management of potential reputational risks
  • conformity with the compliance requirements of your business partners and other stakeholders
  • adherence to legal requirements

Ombudsperson function

The ombudsperson function (also called ombudsman or ombudsman’s office) is an efficient and cost-effective way to report compliance violations. It allows your employees to confidentially report indications to your organisation. This increases the chances of early reporting. As independent attorneys with a professional duty of confidentiality, we assume the function of ombudsperson for your organisation. To do this

  • we support you in integrating the ombudsperson function into your existing processes
  • we work with you to develop trust-building communication to your employees
  • as independent attorneys, we confidentially take receipt of reports on alleged compliance violations (including discrimination in the workplace) for your organisation.
  • we relieve your organisation by examining the received report for plausibility, by further clarifying the facts and by our preliminary legal assessment
  • we forward the information with our evaluation to the responsible office in your organisation – anonymously, if requested by the person making the report
  • we remain in contact with the reporting person. We are therefore the personal link between the whistleblower and your organisation
  • we support your company, your organisation or your authority in the further procedure, in particular the internal investigation of the report received

Your organisation thus benefits from

  • the expansion of your whistleblowing system to include a company-independent reporting office
  • a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution (free of charge for whistleblowers)
  • an independent, trustworthy and personal contact person for whistleblowers
  • the possibility of confidential and anonymous reporting
  • the advantage of confidential interaction between the independent ombudsperson and the whistleblower
  • a reduced inhibition threshold to report a compliance violation

«More than 40% of compliance violations are detected by whistleblowing, three times more than through any other method.»